ATM (Active Therapeutic Movements)

ATM therapy resets muscle activation to provide immediate pain relief.
active-therapeutic-movements ATM Therapy is a, non-surgical treatment whereby patients are safely positioned and stabilized. Using the ATM2 stabilization belt system, you have a temporary external force that makes painful movements become pain-free. The ATM2 provides a way to perform isometric exercises necessary for improvement but impossible due to pain. The exercises reset the CNS (central nervous system) muscle activation patterns to allow immediate and significant reduction in pain. This will restore function for many musculoskeletal disorders.
Conditions Helped By ATM Therapy

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Lumbar Disorders
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
This ATM works because we isolate the core muscles in such a way the only the muscles that surround the spine contract to make the body move. Inner core muscles are used to help keep balance and aid in movement. When they shut down then the larger muscles around the core have to work harder. Those larger muscles are supposed to move the body, assist in lifting items and so much more. When they have to do double duty then they can become fatigued, pull or stretch and then we can have back pain.
Benefits Of ATM Therapy

  • Immediate Pain Reduction
  • Increase Mobility
  • Pain-Free Exercise
  • Performance Enhancement

What To Expect

We will see patients who, when bending forward, can only reach the tips of their fingers to their knees. After using the ATM they are able to go much closer to the floor with their fingertips. The change is achieved in only a few minutes.